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About Serenity Financial Planning

Committed to Educating and Empowering Our Clients

At Serenity Financial Planning, we aim to do more than manage our clients’ finances for them; we strive to educate our clients in their finances and empower them to become active agents in working to achieve their financial goals. We specialize in working with women, business owners, and those in or near retirement to create a financial plan that works with your lifestyle and your vision for the future.

As an independent wealth management firm in San Diego, CA, we pride ourselves in serving women and their families across the country. We have decades of experience managing a variety of assets, and are backed by the industry-leading team at LPL Financial, enabling us to offer comprehensive financial services that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Achieve a Sense of Serenity through Financial Confidence

We recognize that money is rarely the end goal for our clients. Rather, your wealth is a tool to help you pursue the financial confidence and lifestyle you envision for yourself. That’s why Serenity Financial is committed to getting to know each client on a personal basis—understanding your family situation, your long-term goals, any obstacles in your path, and other important factors that shape your relationship with your finances. By building a relationship with you, we are better able to customize your financial plan and services to fit your unique needs.

Though we have the nationwide support and resources of LPL Financial, we maintain a boutique experience for every client that we serve. We invite you to sit down with us today for a free consultation, so we can get to know you a little better in a one-on-one setting, and see how our services can help you pursue financial serenity and confidence in your future.

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About Our Fees

With Serenity Financial Planning, our success is based on your success. We charge based on a percentage of assets managed, which means you can feel confident that your financial advisor is motivated to help you grow and thrive. We believe that this fee structure creates a stronger feeling of partnership between client and advisor, and builds confidence over the years.

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