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Serenity Financial Planning

Are you overwhelmed by the abundance of investment options? Are you able to follow and tolerate the volatility in your investment portfolio? Do you need additional income but don’t know how to structure your portfolio to obtain income? Are you unsure of how much fees you are paying? Is it too high, don't know? Do you own quality investments or just what your advisor recommended you should own? Do you have the right allocation to match your risk tolerance? Have you sat down with a trusted advisor to discuss your financial goals? Has your plans changed recently?

As your trusted advisor, my goal is to first listen to you and understand your needs. We will sit down and together discuss what is important to you and what makes most sense to you..

Simplify your finances

With so much financial information out there, how do you decide what’s best for you? How do you decide how much and what type of investments to choose from? Anything you share with me will be held at highest confidence.  Whether you are saving for retirement or are currently retired,  I will work with you to tailor an investment objective focused on your individual goals. Whether that includes planning a gifting strategy, estate planning or simply managing your emergency fund, I will guide you and simplify your finances for easy record keeping, tax reporting and having a transparent understanding of your fees.

Plan your future

I will help you break down your financial details into a simple picture of where you stand, without using complicated financial jargon. I will help you focus on making a plan for your financial future by: working to preserve your assets, reviewing education planning, increasing cash reserves, focusing on saving for retirement.

I enjoy making a difference in the lives of my clients.
It would be my greatest honor to sit down with you and discuss your unique situation.