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For Women - Financial Planning

Laying the Foundation for a Confident Financial Future

At Serenity Financial Planning, we offer comprehensive guidance and support to women in all stages of their financial journeys. Those services are based on a customized financial plan that’s designed to meet your unique needs. We carefully study your financial and personal circumstances and how they impact your long-term goals, then create a tailored approach to managing your finances. This plan allows us to select the appropriate products and services to help you reach your financial goals and feel confident in your future.

What’s Included in a Financial Plan?

The exact elements of your financial plan will vary depending on your unique needs, but can encompass all aspects of your financial life, including:T

  • Insurance (life, disability, long-term care, etc.)
  • Tax planning, including coordinating with your CPA or tax advisor
  • Estate planning, including working with your estate lawyer or attorney 
  • Retirement planning
  • Education savings funds
  • Business succession/business exit strategies
  • Investment management
  • And more

We combine all these areas of your financial life in a single financial plan, allowing us to coordinate and synchronize your efforts to help bring you closer to your goal. When all of these elements are working in harmony it can help create financial independence. 

Long-Term Support for Your Financial Plan

Serenity Financial Planning is a full-service financial firm, which means we don’t simply provide you with a financial plan and send you on your way. We offer long-term, ongoing support to help you carry out every step of your plan, from initial implementation to monitoring, adjustment, and redistribution of wealth. We consistently monitor your plan’s performance, and if something in your life changes unexpectedly, we’ll help you adapt your plan accordingly.

We are a woman-owned financial firm focused on helping other women achieve financial independence. We recognize the unique financial planning needs of women, and structure our plans to meet those needs. No matter what obstacles life might throw your way, Serenity Financial will be there to offer you the financial guidance you need for your financial plan stays on track. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with our financial planner and see the difference we can potentially make in your future.

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