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There are several ways for Investment Committees to think about investment objectives which serve to frame its goals. Each charitable investment pool is unique. Pools differ in many aspects including size, duration, whether further donations can be counted upon or not, or whether spending or granting purposes are tightly restricted or not. The time horizon of various institutions can also vary. As a result, investment time horizon and financial goals are crucial in the decision-making process. Investment Committee structures differ as well. Investment Committees can be large or small; members skill varies as well. My role as a Wealth Management advisor is to educate, guide and inform your committee on the various important considerations prior to investing. I will be as involved in the financial planning process and investment management as the committee allows.

<p>Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart</p>

Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

Do you have causes that you want to support with donations?
<p>Four Really Good Reasons to Invest</p>

Four Really Good Reasons to Invest

There are four very good reasons to start investing. Do you know what they are?
<p>Will Power</p>

Will Power

Preparing for the eventual distribution of your assets may not sound enticing. But a will puts the power in your hands.

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